Our sustainability policy

The Co-operators recognizes that our business, our communities and the global economy exist within the closed system of the Earth, which provides irreplaceable resources and support for all forms of life. We recognize that the capacity of the Earth to continue to provide these resources and supports is threatened by the degradation of natural and social systems. We also believe that there is a socio-economic foundation below which no human should be allowed to fall—be it into poverty or isolation.

To us, sustainability is a future state where individuals, communities and the economy thrive within the cycles of nature and a healthy society. Acting on sustainability is about taking care of tomorrow, today. Doing so aligns naturally with co-operative values.

As a co-operative, an insurer, employer, investor, and a community partner, The Co-operators believes that we can and must lead the way in ensuring a sustainable future. Our staff and Financial Advisors are catalysts in advancing sustainability at work, at home and in the community. Our co-operative identity creates unique opportunities for them to demonstrate such leadership.

The most important way we can advance sustainability is by meeting the needs of our clients. We must help them prevent, mitigate and adapt to new risks and seize new opportunities that arise from sustainability challenges. Meeting their emerging and unmet needs is fundamental to our co-operative purpose and enables our clients to contribute to a sustainable future. It also ensures we have the financial strength to continue meeting their needs in the future.

Working together, we are committed to minimizing any negative effects that our activities could have on the environment and society at large and, further, to performing a restorative function through innovation in business practices, product development, public engagement and partnerships with our stakeholders. We are committed to catalyzing collaboration for sustainability, which is required to address systemic challenges. We are committed to the ongoing pursuit of alignment of our business with these four sustainability principles:

  1. In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing concentrations of substances extracted from the earth’s crust.
  2. In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing concentrations of substances produced by society.
  3. In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing degradation by physical means.
  4. In a sustainable society, people are not subject to conditions that systematically undermine their capacity to meet their needs.

Step by step, The Co-operators will strive to align everything we do with these fundamental sustainability principles in ways that advance the financial security of Canadians and their communities.

For more about our sustainability policy and how we've implemented it, download our Integrated Annual Report.