Need to make a claim?


Need to make a claim?


When it comes to claims, we're here to take care of your needs and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. If you have to make a claim, we're a phone call or a click away, 24/7.

Start your Auto (excluding glass) and Home claims through Online Services. Save time by connecting to the information we already have about your policy. You can also add photos and documents to your open Auto and Home claims.

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Safe, convenient ways to start your Auto, Home, Business or Farm claim

To prioritize the safety of our clients and employees, we’ve made temporary changes to support social distancing and do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To start a new claim, we recommend that you:

  • Use your Online Services account or mobile app to submit your auto physical damage and property claim
  • Call our Claims Centre at 1-877-682-5246 (in Quebec, call 1-877-594-2667)
  • Call or email your Financial Advisor

At this time, we ask you to avoid:

  • Using mail. Our locations are temporarily closed. Mail is being directed but will result in processing delays. Contact us before mailing your claims documents.
  • In person drop-offs and walk-in visits.

Once your claim is in progress, you can call or email your representative directly. Before emailing files with personal information, contact us so we can help make sure its secure and protected.

Temporary changes and delays in service
We’ve suspended inspections and are relying on the use of phones and virtual technology. Some vendors may continue on-site visits, taking appropriate precautions, if photographs are required.

Many vendors and partners have suspended or reduced operations due to COVID-19. The limited availability of supplies and materials is also impacting service. These challenges may delay your claim.

For all other claims, visit or call:

Help us process your claim faster

Consider submitting your claim electronically. Looking for a claim form? Choose the form you need to download and print. Once you complete the form, you can send it to your insurance adjuster.

Has your vehicle been damaged in an auto collision?

Auto collision claim form (PDF).

Have you had property stolen, gone missing or damaged at your home, farm or business?

Property Proof of Loss and Schedule of Loss forms (PDF).