Retrieving unclaimed property

Unclaimed property is generally defined as a liability that a company (“holder”) owes to an individual or entity (“owner”) when a debt or obligation remains outstanding after a specified period of time. For insurance companies, common types of unclaimed property results from un-negotiated premium refund or claims cheques. If the payee or owner does not negotiate the cheque, his property rights may be protected by provincial unclaimed property legislation.

The below list contains the names of all individuals currently owed an outstanding debt or obligation by The Co-operators Group Limited (CGL) and/or its subsidiaries (collectively “The Co-operators” ).

Unclaimed Property List

If your name appears on this list, please email with your full name, current mailing address, daytime telephone number, the company you deal/dealt with and a policy/claim number if available. Our Unclaimed Property Coordinator will search the database and will contact you within three business days.

Co-operators General Insurance Company, Co-operators Life Insurance Company, COSECO Insurance Company, CUMIS General Insurance Company, CUMIS Life Insurance Company Federated Insurance Limited, HB Group Insurance Ltd, The Sovereign General Insurance Company.